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Singer Machine
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Singer Machine

Either as a long time sewing enthusiast or a new sewing hobbyist, the Singer®name in sewing machines is known the world over. The pride of owning a Singer sewing machine is unmistakable, and the sewing experts at the Sew Shop intend to see that every existing and would-be Singer machine owner enjoys the amazing capabilities of these sewing machines to the fullest.

Singer is known for its innovative and efficient sewing machine models. Offering the first zigzag sewing machine and the first fully electronic sewing machine, Singer is a “must have” in sewing machines. With free shipping on all Singer sewing machines, the Sew Shop carries all the popular sewing machine models.

The Sew Shop carries the following Singer Machine types: 

singer sewing parts
Singer Sewing Machines
  • Singer 118 Featherweight Sewing Machine
  • Singer 1120 Sewing Machine
  • Singer 9910 Sewing Machine
  • Singer Quantum 9920 Sewing Machine
  • Singer Quantum 9940 Sewing Machine

Singer Sewing/Embroidery Machines
  • Singer CE-100 Sewing Machine
  • Singer CE-150 Sewing Machine
  • Singer CE-200 Sewing Machine
  • Singer CE-250 Sewing Machine
  • Singer CE-350 Sewing Machine

Singer Commercial Grade Sewing Machines
  • Singer CG-500 Sewing Machine
  • Singer CG-550 Sewing Machine
  • Singer CG-590 Sewing Machine

Singer Electronic Machines
  • Singer 7466 Electronic Sewing Machine
  • Singer 7467 Electronic Sewing Machine
  • Singer 7468 Electronic Sewing Machine
  • Singer 7469 Electronic Sewing Machine

Singer Quilting Machines
  • Singer 140Q Quilting Machine

Singer Serger/Overlock Sewing Machines
  • Singer 14CG754 Serger/Overlock Machine
  • Singer 14SH654 Serger/Overlock Machine
  • Singer 14J334 Serger/Overlock Machine and more.

The Sew Shop extends the life cycle of your Singer Machine.

More than a Singer Sewing sales center, the Sew Shop provides parts, repairs and service on all Singer  machine models. As one of six factory-authorized Singer warranty stations in the nation, the Sew Shop services numerous sewing machines dropped off locally and shipped in from around country. Additionally, the Sew Shop is often the main point of reference for common and hard-to-find Singer machine parts.

Having a problem identifying the year your Singer machine was manufactured? Find out using our handy Date Your Singer Sewing Machine Chart.

Your Singer sewing machine, regardless of the model, is known for high quality. Maintain its reliability with periodic recommended sewing machine maintenance. Don't wait until there are signs of trouble, the Sew Shop is happy to offer Singer sewing machine service maintenance agreements that maintain your investment without wearing a hole in your wallet.

For more information about our Singer sewing machine repair services, please see our Repairs, Parts and Services page.

Are you ready for a sewing machine upgrade? The Sew Shop may accept your older Singer sewing machine on trade for the new Singer sewing machine of your dreams. The trade-in value offered depends on various factors including the age, the condition, the features, and the market value of your existing machine. Trading in your existing Singer sewing machine allows you to advance to a Singer machine that better matches your new skills and experience.   

Sewing Machine Furniture For your Singer Machine at the Sew Shop

For the safety of your investment, your Singer machine needs a stable surface for you to execute your sewing creations. Whether you have a sewing room to furnish or a commercial embroidery business, the Sew Shop offers a variety of sewing furniture pieces designed to support the use of your Singer sewing machine.

From sewing cabinets to drop-in sewing desks and sewing machine bags., the Sew Shop offers the following sewing machine furniture brands:

  • Horn Cabinets
  • Arrow Sewing Cabinets
  • Blue Fig Sewing Machine Bags
  • Kangeroo Kabinets
  • Koala Sewing Cabinets

Read more about our sewing machine furniture at the Sew Shop.

With the purchase of a Singer machine from the Sew Shop, you become eligible for the Sew Shop's Perks Card, our loyalty discount program. Contact us to find out more.

The Sew Shop is your Singer machine connection for Singer machines, Singer sewing machine parts, Singer services, and sewing machine furniture. Visit one of our local sewing centers or call the Sew Shop at 888-873-9822. For our online customers, feel free to call us or use the convenient contact form below to submit any Singer machine questions you may have.

Find out more about Singer sewing parts and our Singer Serger sewing machines.

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